Cardboard man is an anti-hero with human measures, made of a few cardboard boxes; a "garbage-can Robocop" for kids.
He first appeared in the videogame "Borderland"
(a playful parody of fighting games), where real characters are filmed put in urban worlds to confront each other.
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Naïve and fearless, he makes his way through an imaginary world and comes across a variety of charismatic characters : gangs of girls, cowboys, rockers, evil doctors, monsters..... Each encounter turn into a burlesque and hallucinating adventure where popular themes are approached (flirting, charlatanism, fascination, challenges)

These adventures can take various forms of expression :
- video Games for web: 12 games have been made and presented on
- pilot TV "Cardboardman and Dr Mike" broadcasted on cable channel GAME ONE.

The new production "Cardboardman and the girls(It's in the box)"
is a short-film of 10 min produced in collaboration with the help of cable television channel Canal+.

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